Once an inspection is complete, we can return data back to an ERP system to provide a seamless user experience. This makes it possible for a purchaser to see on the order in the ERP system, if inspection has been conducted, when, by whom and what the results are. Also, a link pointing to the inspection report in Qarma can be presented together with the inspection report in PDF. 

This can be configured in many ways, and using the same data formats and transfer mechanisms as described in Import data.

An example is shown below:

Webhook example
    "inspections": [
            "order_number": "3993837",
            "item_number": "108-00025-00",
            "inspection_start": "2018-11-11 09:34:26.514Z",  
            "conclusion": "Approved",
            "inspector_conclusion": "Approved",
            "inspected_quantity": "32",
            "sample_quantity": "32",
            "packed_quantity": "8911,
            "inspector_name": "Søren Mønsted",
            "inspector_email": "",
            "report_link": "",  
            "pdf_report": ""

Additional data can be included and configured as needed.